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Welcome to CougarHR, Collin College's employment website! All individuals interested in applying for positions at Collin College must create an Application/Resume/CV Profile in CougarHR AND link it to a current open position in order to be considered. Internal positions will be posted a minimum of 5 days. External positions will be posted a minimum of 10 days. Postings are subject to be removed from the web at any time after the minimum posting period. Applications will not be accepted after a job posting has been closed and removed from the web. If you are a CURRENT employee, please log in as a returning user with your regular Novell username and password. If you need assistance, please contact Human Resources at 972-985-3783.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL APPLICANTS: If the position for which you are applying requires a degree, certification or license, you MUST attach a copy of your qualifying transcripts, certification or license in order to be considered. If your degree is from a country other than the United States, you must also include an evaluation from a NACES member evaluation agency indicating the U.S. equivalency of your degree(s).

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For any employment questions, please contact HR at (972) 985-3783 or email